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Oil Pumps

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of OIL PUMPS such as Air Operated Oil Barrel Pump - 200 Liter, Oil Pump ATO 200 - Pneumatic and Oil Pump - ATO 200 - Air Operated from India.

Air Operated Oil Barrel Pump - 200 Liter

AIRTEK,renowned leader in lubrication pumps provides a complete range of performance proven Grease pumps. Our pumps are renowned for their versatility and ease of use.


  • ATO50
  • ATO200


  • PCV
  • CV
  • Mining
  • Industries
  • Tractors/Others

Features & Benefits:

  • Portable & static
  • Wire braided, oil resistant high pressure hose
  • High pressure greasing pump
  • Dispensing of grease at optimum pressure
  • Delivery hoses lasts longer
  • Various drum capacity to meet variable greasing demand
  Grease pump Oil pump
Model ATG 50 ATO50/ATO 200
Pressure ration 50:1 3.5:1
Output at 8KG/CM² Air pressure 320-390 GMS 8 LTRS.
Pressure range 4-10 Kg/Cm² 4-10 Kg/Cm²
Working pressure of air 8 Kg/Cm² 8 Kg/Cm²
8Kg/Cm² of air pressure 400 Kg/Cm² 28 Kg/Cm²
Air equipment (FAD) 310 LPM 310 LPM
Greade of grease All grades All grades
Type of hose High pressure braided hose High pressure braided
Delivery hose length 2.2 MTRS 3.5 MTRS
ID of the host 6MM 6MM
Drum capacity 25/50/200 LTRS. 50/205LTRS
Gun Trigger type Trigger type
Net weight 36KG 35KG